Early Childhood Years have a long-term impact on Learning

Early Childhood Years have a long-term impact on Learning

Early Childhood Years have a long-term impact on Learning

Do you find your child curious all the time? Is (s)he always observing things and asking questions?

Children are full of curiosity, from an early age they start observing things and learn a lot from their surroundings.

Do you think the traditional lecture method of imparting knowledge is enough? Well, think again! You cannot learn to ride a bicycle by watching youtube or you cannot learn cooking just by watching, do you? The answer is no. The same way your child doesn’t learn just by listening to the teacher or reading from a book. Practical implementation is required to learn and explore new things.

Research has revealed that early childhood is a time where developmental changes are happening that can have profound and lasting consequences for a child’s future. This emerging science makes clear the importance and complexity of working with young children from infancy through the early elementary years. Young children thrive when they have secure, positive relationships with adults who are knowledgeable about how to support their development and learning. (Source: Report by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine)

Early Childhood years have a profound and long-lasting impact on learning. It is the age when a child is going through changes cognitively, socially, physically and emotionally. They are full of energy and enthusiasm and are quick learners.

So the question arises how do we channelize their energy in order to make a positive impact on their early years which in turn will shape their future for good. Enriching and engaging experiences in the early age will help them cope up with the future challenges. The world is changing and so is technology at a rapid rate. Environmental and societal factors are going to impact the lives in a different manner the way they have done previously.

We need to prepare a conducive environment for our children so that they are ready for future challenges. Providing a platform that not only makes them efficient cognitively but inculcates 21st-century skills.

LEGO Education is one such platform that has a legacy of providing playful learning experiences that enable every child to succeed. The educational sets over the past 35 years have provided engaging learning experiences along with relevant curriculum materials.

The LEGO Educational sets are age appropriate learning solutions that provide a variety of curriculum content that is relevant to students’ everyday lives and real-world contexts.

From Pre, elementary, middle and high school the solutions are available for teaching science, engineering, technology, maths, humanities, language and literacy.

LEGO Education Mindstorms sets like 45544 LEGO Education EV3, LEGO WEDo 2.0 core set, Story Starter set, Pneumatics set, simple and power machine set, MoretoMath and many others are age-appropriate educational sets that provide a conducive environment of learning.

Your child is a powerhouse with a lot of learning potential, let’s choose the best platform for them from an early age to make them future ready!

“The best learning experiences come when people are actively engaged in designing things, creating things and inventing things” – Mitch Resnick, MIT Media Labs

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