LEGO Education Hands on Learning

A unique learning opportunity for children to inculcate 21st-century skills
and become life learners. Integrate LEGO education designed
with lesson plans aligned to CBSE, IB, State Board curriculum
and customizable as per your institute demand.


Our Solution

Pre School

The solutions for preschool are bundled in a way that they ignite preschoolers interest in the world of early math, Science & Language skills. Fostering innovation, social & emotional skills from an early age to give them an early age to give an edge over conventional learning

Middle School

The solution provides engaging, hands-on experience students and provides them with a platform to explore core STEM concepts by linking them to the real-life phenomenon. With age, experience, and learning the solutions grow with the learner, as they solve problems and discover how science, technology, engineering and math affect their daily life.

High School

The solutions for high schoolers are designed to provide them with advanced level STEM skills, providing them a hands-on learning experience that builds the complete scientific temperament and 21st-century skills like communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, coding & logical thinking. The solutions prepare them to utilize their full potential in STEM Fields as they grow up to make their career in STEM fields. They are prepared to be digital citizens, leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Introducing Coding Express

Coding Express enables young learners to explore early coding
concepts by bringing a classic train set to life with action bricks
along with an optional app. This versatile solution helps
students develop critical life skills such as confidence,
collaboration and creativity in addition to building
STEAM literacy.

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Pre School

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Middle School

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High School

(10-16 YEARS)

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