Lego BuildToExpress Set

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Contains practical guidance on introducing and working with the BuildToExpress concept. Enables you to hear other teachers? experiences, and includes 30 age-segmented, core-curriculum-based Buil

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Lego BuildToExpress Set

Lego BuildToExpress Set encourages more effective expression, develop language and communication skills, and stimulate student creativity in a comfortable and motivating environment.

BuildToExpress Activity packs provide challenge cards and activities suitable for all elementary school ages and are recommended for all users.

This Set Contains practical guidance on introducing and working with the BuildToExpress concept.

It Enables you to hear other teachers? experiences and includes 30 age-segmented, core-curriculum-based Build & Share Challenge Cards as well as plenty of ready-prepared activities for you to work with.

This set is used to express the imagination, child of every age can play with this amazing lego set to express their imagination, creativity and skills.

Your child needs more than just classroom learning, LEGO BuildToExpress set helps them in inculcating 21st-century skills in them. This BUuildToExpress set is suitable for kids of age group 5-8 years.

LEGO Education BuildToExpress encourages students to express their thoughts
and ideas on any topic by building symbolic models with LEGO bricks.

It is a great tool for enhancing teamwork and team spirit. Led by a Coach or facilitator, participants in the process – i.e. the team members – use their imagination and creativity to reflect and to communicate – enhancing dialogue. The method ensures a secure and non-judgmental process in which every team member gets the opportunity to be active, engaged and listened to.

With BuildToExpress participants use LEGO® bricks to build models that represent their thoughts and reflections. They use metaphors and assign meaning to their models as a means of communicating their ideas.

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