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Lego Story Starter Core set

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StoryStarter helps pupils to structure their stories, use their imagination and language to create, visualise and write stories, describe personalities, communicate them to others and evaluate them together

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Lego Story Starter Core set

Lego Story Starter Core set Strengthens literacy skills improving writing, language, and reading abilities; Strengthens comprehension skills and enables students to compose new stories or analyze existing ones; Enhances communication skills, including speaking, listening, and presentation capabilities; Improves collaboration skills and enhances students’ ability to work in teams.

Bring some fun to your home-schooler kid by engaging him in this Education Story Starter Core Set from Lego. It’ll keep him occupied for hours and at the same time enhance his communication and presentation skills.

Get Creative and Build Stories

Best Educational Kits, Your kid can build various elements like animals, plants and buildings using different props. Let him build a forest with animals, or depict a story that you read out to him the previous night before bedtime, and enjoy watching him learn and grow.

Develop Essential Skills For Future

This is a hands-on tool full of benefits for your kid. It’ll help in enhancing his reading and writing abilities, comprehension skills as well as his collaboration skills.

“Key Learning Values:
Strengthens literacy skills, improving writing, language and reading abilities.
Enhances communications skills, including speaking, listening, and presentation capabilities.
Improves collaboration skills and enhances pupils’ ability to work in teams.
Develops comprehension skills and enables pupils to compose new stories or analyse existing ones.”

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